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A talented team

All our employees benefit from a technical integration program and individualized training provided directly by the partner in charge. Integration and training are followed up by regular assessments to check that objectives have been met, and to adapt the training to the individual needs of each employee.

Local management

Our associates work directly with the partner, who is responsible for managing his team and his files. In this context, associates, whatever their level, are directly integrated into the team set up to manage each operation and participate, under the direction of the partner, in satisfying the interests of clients, who are at the heart of the firm’s challenges.

Constantly developing our employees' potential

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk is committed to developing the skills of each and every one of its associates through effective training within the firm. As they progress through the firm, employees take on increasing responsibilities, in line with the skills they have acquired in terms of both file management and client management.

The firm

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