Sekri Valentin Zerrouk est classé Band 1 dans Chambers Europe 2024

Corporate/M&A: Mid Cap

Band 1

“The law firm is always available and handles complex projects in France and abroad. Sekri Valentin Zerrouk houses a strong team with diverse and complementary skills.”


“The Sekri Valentin Zerrouk team always replies very quickly, which is highly appreciated.”


“The lawyers are efficient, agile and available. The team is longstanding, which is pleasant because you work with people long-term.”


“The team offers very good knowledge and goes deep into the details.”

Corporate/M&A: Mid Cap

Band 1 – Franck Sekri


“He is very pragmatic and deal-oriented.”


“Franck Sekri is brilliant and a great professional. I definitely recommend him to everyone.”


“Franck Sekri is a very entrepreneurial and good professional from what I have seen. He is very sharp and commercial.”


“Franck Sekri provides strong commercial awareness and a sophisticated and intelligent approach.”


“Franck Sekri is an outstanding M&A lawyer. He is a talented negotiator with a strong business sense and good overall vision.”

Banking and Finance

Band 5

“I like to work with her, she is a very nice lawyer.”



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