Public sector business law

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk advises in all areas of public sector law.

Government contracts

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk advises the State, territorial authorities, state-owned companies and establishments, as well as private sector companies that partner with government in the management and operation of public services, public works concessions, public property occupancy agreements, government contracts, development concessions, and public-private partnerships (PPP), including with respect to government subsidies.

The firm helps its clients structure their complex transactions and ensures compliance with the rules and procedures governing implementation of competitive bidding programs.

The firm advises its clients on legislative processes that may have an impact on the competitive bidding procedures.

Finally, Sekri Valentin Zerrouk assists its clients during the performance of contracts, both as a legal advisor and in litigation, including summary applications for interim orders in urgent matters.

For the past several years, Sekri Valentin Zerrouk has been ranked by the magazine Décideurs as one of the most trusted law firms in the area of administrative contracts.

Privatization and restructuring

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk represents public-sector entities in privatization, restructuring, and modernization transactions to help them adapt to changes in their legal environment.

The firm has extensive experience in both the contractual and regulatory aspects of opening government-owned companies to private investment. The firm has particular expertise in handling issues relative to the transfer of administrative contracts, human resources and assets.

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk assists public-sector and private-sector entities with the transfer of government contracts following their renegotiation, ensuring compliance with the rules of competitive bidding and taking into consideration the risks of corruption and illegal patronage.

The firm has developed particular expertise as both legal advisor and litigator regarding government employees. It has extensive experience in the transfer of government employees to public-sector or private-sector entities, with respect to their employment status (temporary assignment, loan, detachment, or leave) and compliance with the ethics rules such as those applicable to the “revolving door” (pantouflage) between public- and private-sector employment.

The firm advises public-sector and private-sector entities on the civil-service rules applicable to their activities, in particular with regard to possible procedures for the transfer of employees when a public service is placed under the management of a private-sector entity.

For the last several years, Sekri Valentin Zerrouk has been ranked by the magazine Décideurs, as among the leading firms in the areas of public tenders and privatizations.