The purchasing power law of 16 August 2022 perpetuates the “exceptional purchasing power bonus”.

This bonus can be paid from 1 July 2022 (this scheme is now permanent and can be implemented at any time) and can be instituted by collective agreement or by unilateral decision.

Here are the main points:

  • Any company, regardless of its size, may choose to pay a value-sharing bonus.
    It can be paid to all employees or be reserved for employees whose pay does not exceed a certain amount.
  • The amount can be adjusted according to criteria that are limited by law and that must be set by the collective agreement or unilateral decision (in particular: pay, classification level, presence during the year).
  • It can be paid in several instalments (maximum one instalment per quarter).
  • The bonus is exempt from social security contributions up to €3,000 per year and per beneficiary, this exemption ceiling being raised to €6,000 in certain situations (in particular: companies with a profit-sharing agreement, companies with less than 50 employees applying a voluntary participation scheme, certain associations and foundations).
  • Until the end of 2023, the bonus is also exempt from CSG/CRDS and tax for employees paid less than 3 SMIC.
Prime de partage de valeur

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