Since 1 August 2022, employers must provide new information when hiring an employee.

These obligations concern all employees, trainees, apprentices and workers on matchmaking platforms.

⚠️ So remember to make sure you amend your employment contracts! This information must be provided within a few days of hiring:
✔️ Duration of work
✔️ Trial period (duration and conditions)
✔️ Right to training
✔️ Complete procedure to be followed in case of breach of contract (notice period…)
✔️ Identity of social security bodies collecting social security contributions and social protection provided by the employer

Our Employment Law team, headed by Emilie Meridjen, is available to review your employment contract models, in a way that is :
Efficient (models and advice adapted to your operational needs)
Secure (clauses to protect your company’s interests and control possible risks)
Educational (simple and complete models and training in their use)

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