Anne Dumas-L’Hoir

Confidence - Determination - Involvement


Anne Dumas-L’Hoir is in charge of the commercial and litigation department and assists her clients during consulting phase, pre litigation and litigation before the commercial arbitration, civil and criminal courts.

Anne Dumas-L’Hoir and her team are involved in contract law, responsibility rights (contractual or tortious responsibility, defective products and industrial risks) commercial and business law (termination of commercial relationship, unfair competition, advertising, post-acquisition litigation, shareholders disputes….) and transport law (including aviation).

Lastly, Anne Dumas-L’Hoir develops a practise to criminal law and assists companies and/or their leaders in relation to proceedings in criminal matters against them or against their former employees (misuse of assets, breach of trust, criminal labour law).

Anne Dumas-L’Hoir intervenes on complex issues, in particular on behalf of French or international companies and groups, listed or unlisted, active in the field of industry or service)


Anne Dumas-l’Hoir and her team particularly intervene for Anglo Saxon groups unaware of transnational relationship and resulting in legal issues (in particular applicable law, competent law courts, exequatur procedures, execution of French decisions overseas, and enforcement of foreign judgements in France).


Anne Dumas-L’Hoir is honoured by the guide ‘Legal 500’ in the magazine ‘Option Droit & Affaires’ dedicated to litigation related to acquisition, to defective products and business law and ranks in the magazine Decideurs.


DESS Business law attorney Paris XII
Master’s degree in business law Paris II Assas


Baker Mc Kenzie Paris, Local Partner (2000 – 2011)