A unique customer experience.

We have assessed your requirements and the solutions provided by the market. We have sought the means to offer a unique solution to respond, by your side, to the numerous complicated international legal challenges that you face. We have invented the Legal Cluster© and MySVZ©.

Through the mobilization of our own resources and our ecosytem both in France and internationally, we provide each of our clients with a Legal Cluster© that is a group of established experts to respond to your specific legal challenges. Flexible and vibrant, each Legal Cluster© is tailored to suit our clients’ requirements over time.

Today our ecosystem consists of more than 150 highly qualified professionals in more than 25 countries. This ecosystem aims to grow according to your requirements.

The members of the ecosystem are selected individually by the SVZ partners. They are recognized experts in their fields of expertise and cooperate within the best firms of their jurisdiction.

To support this innovative approach, we have invented MySVZ©, a new industry solution, in collaboration with the group Acticall. To connect, communicate, working together have never been some easy. MySVZ© enables you to interact at any time with your legal Cluster© via your own dedicated secured network. There you will find your teams, your files, your documents.

As your satisfaction is our number one priority, MySVZ© furthermore includes budgetary monitoring and evaluation tools to assess your satisfaction.