Litigation – Trade Law

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk represents clients in commercial, civil, and criminal court, as well as before arbitral tribunals, in proceedings linked to various aspects of business law:

  • Corporate law;
  • Contract law and contractual liability;
  • Tortious liability, product liability, industrial risks;
  • Trade and economic disputes;
  • Corporate criminal law;
  • Transportation law; and
  • Compliance.

Corporate litigation

The firm handles such matters as shareholder litigation, director and officer liability, appeals of labor court decisions, and valuations of minority interests, as well as litigation concerning acquisitions, joint ventures, and equity investments.

Litigation relating to contracts and contractual liability

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk provides advice before disputes arise, helping to assess risks relating to contractual performance and renegotiate current agreements. The firm also represents clients involved in disputes regarding breach of contract, contract termination, or breakdown of negotiations.

Tortious liability, product liability, and industrial risks

The firm handles numerous tort cases, including tortious interference with contract, unfair competition, and defamation, as well as product liability and industrial risks. It implements and follows through on court-ordered expert opinions, which are generally required in such matters.

Commercial and economic litigation

Sekri Valentin Zerrouk represents clients in distribution litigation relating to such matters as breach of contract, advertising, and distribution networks, as well as in collective proceedings.

The firm also handles commercial lease disputes.

Corporate Criminal Law

The firm has a corporate criminal law practice that represents companies and/or company executives in connection with criminal prosecution against them or against their former employees.

Transportation Law

The firm advises clients in transportation law disputes, in particular air transport.


Armed with its litigation expertise and knowledge of the legal risks that companies face, the firm assists companies in connection with risk analyses and the implementation of compliance programs.

Commercial Law

The firm advises its clients for the negotiation and drafting of their commercial contracts : distribution agreements, sub-contracting agreements, sales agreements, services agreements (…) for leading companies active in various industries such as transport, aero-space, automotive, luxury, steel …